David Stein Art

David has been a pioneer in the emerging field of resin art countertops, table tops, furniture, and flooring.  He uses top quality industrial epoxy resin with concentrated oil based tints and mica pigments to transform your kitchen countertops into a custom work of art.  

DURABLE - David uses a premium, industrial epoxy resin, specifically designed to endure the abuses of a typical working kitchen. His resin countertops are scratch resistant, shock and impact resistant, heat resistant up to 500 degrees, UV stable, and designed to last a life time with low to no maintenance!

SAFE - These surfaces are composed of a 100% solids, VOC Free epoxy resin which means absolutely no off-gassing after the product is cured.  It is a rock-solid, seamless and non-porous surface that is FDA-approved for eating surfaces and which does not promte the growth of bacteria or yeast.

Functional Resin ARt

... AND Totally customizable

Weather you want the classic elegance of an Carrera marble or a One of Kind statement piece with vibrant expressive colors,  David can design a look for your home that will fit your style and wow everyone who sees it.

Check out some of David's previous projects!

To see more of David's functional art applications including his decorative concrete and faux finish work, visit www.artisanhouston.com.